Monday, May 20, 2013

Simple Sleeveless T-shirt for Boys

I had been wanting to use Dana’s pattern to make Oliver a t-shirt ever since she first released the pattern for free here.

I ended up using the sleeveless version for my first trial.  I printed out the pattern which is for a size 4-5 toddler.  I cut out the top half and put it up to a t-shirt that currently fits Oliver well.  The sizing seemed to work as is, so I cut it out but adjusted the length for a size 2 toddler.  I also made it a little skinnier because my child is on the thin side.


The new tank up close.


I made this shirt to match his new “semi harem long shorts”.  Yep that’s a lot to say for a pair of shorts, but you will soon understand why.  I am putting together a tutorial and will post soon.

But here is Oliver modeling his new long shorts for himself in the mirror.


He really really liked them.  So much he starting crying when I tried to take them off.  So he gets to wear them for the remainder of the day.  Really hoping the new tank fits, we will see after he wakes up from his nap!!

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