Wednesday, April 23, 2014


While our master bathroom is being worked on, I am in the process of picking out finishes for the lower bathroom.

I have been obsessed with vanities made out of antique dressers and buffets.  I couldn’t quite convince myself I wanted to put one in our master bath, but I think I am going to attempt one in the lower bathroom.

Some inspirations I found.

dresser to vanity

This picture showing you can put a single sink offset and it still looks good.  We are definitely leaning towards a single sink in the lower bathroom.

dresser to vanity1 

I like this unusual color on the buffet below.

dresser to vanity2

I have been perusing Craigslist for the perfect piece of furniture.  I am hoping to find something in the next couple weeks, or I might just run out of time.

And beyond finding the right piece of furniture I will have to decide if I want to paint it and what type of sink; undermount, top mount, or vessel, I want to use.

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