Monday, April 28, 2014

Master Bathroom Remodel–Week 3

Another week has gone by and we are still in the beginning of remodeling.

The walls and ceilings are 80% done.  The contractor needs to finish sanding and then Jesse and I can get in to prime and paint them.

The shower tile is almost completely installed.


And the floor tile is about 50% installed.

While the contractor is busy working in our bathroom, we have started working on Bella’s room on the main floor.

Let’s recap:  The whole reason we bought this house almost 5 years ago was because of the extra room (rec room) on the main floor that could be converted into a bedroom and handicap accessible bathroom for our daughter.

Originally it was a rec room with a pool table.


We sold the pool table and gradually the kid’s toys started to overtake the room.


And this past week we finally started to convert the room.  Demo has been done and now walls are starting to go up.  What was once a large single room will now become a hallway to keep access to the hall bath, a bedroom with an attached bathroom and walk-in closet.

View from the front hall, looking at the door to the bedroom.


The new bathroom and walk in closet will be on the right hand side of the room.


View of the new hallway, it had to stay a wide hallway because of the exterior window placement.


View from the family room.  We had to shorten the doorway entrance to the new hallway, which means patching of existing paneling.


We will definitely be staying busy on these projects for the next two months.

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