Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School

The kids both went to school today.  I have a two hour block of time all to myself.  Or at least for another month or two until the baby arrives.  My to-do list is a mile long, but it’s amazing how short of time 2 hours really is.  In other words you really can’t get too much done in that chunk of time.

Bella’s first day was technically last Thursday.  She went to school and had a little bit of a rude awakening that she would be having to go back and work on her therapies again.  Friday was her heart surgery which went great.  Amazingly it was an outpatient procedure, so even though it was one long day at the hospital, it was only one day.  She came home with a band aid on her leg, covering the tiniest little hole (looks like she got poked in the leg).  And that’s it, you couldn’t even tell that she had any type of surgery at all.


Bella is in First Grade this year.


Oliver started 3 year old Preschool this year.  He gets to attend a brand new district preschool building that was just completed last month.  He is actually in the same program Bella was in when she went to preschool.  It’s an integrated program between typically developing peers and special needs students.  When Bella attended she was obviously special needs, and Oliver has been enrolled as a typical developing peer.  Currently his class size is really small, so he should have a great learning experience this fall.

He wanted to do his own poses for the camera.


His first real day of preschool was today.  So I’m anxious to hear how he liked it!

I’ll leave you with a final pose from both of them.  Oliver insisted that since Bella was in her wheelchair he couldn’t just stand next to her, he needed to be in his bike.  Bella seemed to think it was funny.



  1. What little hams! Great pictures :) I know one thing you can do in 2 hours - take a nap!!!!!!

  2. Loved the kids' pictures on their first day of school! So cute! Thanks for sharing! :) &

  3. Love!! They are growing up so fast!! I hope you enjoy your two hours :)