Monday, February 3, 2014

Olivia Pope-Scandal-Loungewear

Is anyone else obsessed with the show Scandal?  I just started watching it this summer and it’s my favorite show to watch while I’m on the elliptical.  It keeps me so entertained, I don’t realize how long or how hard I am going.

A lot of people follow the main character’s business attire, but I am very jealous of her loungewear.  It’s always silk and cashmere, and she is always drinking a glass of wine at night.

Now around my house I hardly get to drink a glass of wine at night.  In fact most days I go to sleep as soon as my kids go to bed.  Mainly because my children wake up at 5 in the morning.  So I usually get to wear my loungewear in the morning.  And most of my pajamas are pretty pathetic.  So I sewed myself a new pair.


My greatest pleasure is getting the time to drink my morning coffee and catch up on my blogs while the kids watch their morning cartoons.

My Olivia Pope Inspiration.

olivia pope pjs

For the pajama set I bought this pattern recently.  Mainly because I loved the shirt with the lace, and the pattern itself was on sale for $1.


I used some black lace from a shirt I already owned and a very soft cotton jersey.  It’s super comfortable, but maybe a tad on the big side, I might have to take it in.  You can tell it’s the middle of winter….I am pale as can be.


The pants I made from a leftover silk I had bought for a different project.  You wouldn’t typically think of purple dragons as a pajama pant, but the fabric was so buttery soft and I had a couple yards extra, I just had to use it.  My only complaint about the pattern is that it called for 1/2” elastic at the waist.  I like wider elastic as I think it feels more comfortable.  I had already cut out my pattern before I noticed the elastic size.  I would have preferred 1” elastic, but I was able to get 3/4” to work.  Next time I will cut the fabric higher so I can fit in wider elastic.  Also make sure to measure you hips and use the pattern size that corresponds correctly.  When I measured my hips it said I needed to make a medium.  Which sounded about right.  When I saw in the parenthesis next to Medium that it was for a size (14-16) I thought that was crazy.  But in the end it was correct.  Not sure why patterns show larger sizes than the stores have (in the store I am a size 6-8).  I also added some length to the legs, to make sure I had enough room for my pants to hit the ground.


Just like Olivia, I love my pajama pants to puddle on the floor.  I can’t stand buying store bought pajamas and having them shrink up.  Which even for my 5’-4” frame tends to happen a lot.


It was an extremely quick sew, I highly recommend this pattern.  And we all need some fancy and practical sleepwear.

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  1. omg. you are absolutely right!
    of course my first thought is not only Liv in business suit but Liv in white.
    Didnt click until know how even her loungewear is classy

    This is great!