Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentines Day


I received some pretty pink roses for Valentines this year.  We had sick kids at home, so I knew getting a babysitter was not going to be a choice.  I had received an email from our local grocery store who was running a special on a pre-cooked meal that looked pretty good.  I hinted around to my husband that might make a good choice to eat at home.  I was guessing he was wishing he could just stop by and pick up one of those heart shaped pizza’s at Papa Murphys instead.

But he surprised me and offered to make us dinner, he had even stopped off at the grocery store and bought all the ingredients needed.  I’m thinking this is the first time he has cooked us dinner, especially a 5 course meal.  I’m not saying he never cooks.  He normally grills, will make tacos, burgers, frozen pizza, etc.  He is the usual breakfast cooker.  But this is the first time, he put thought into a meal for the two of us. It turned out great and was very sweet of him!

For the kids this year I quickly sewed up some pajamas.  I was all about the practical gifts, they get enough candy at school.  And for some reason our kids can’t get enough pajamas.  I even have them wear their pjs two nights in a row, and it seems like there is never enough.  Maybe it’s because we are particular about their pajamas and have favorites…after those are dirty my husband usually starts putting them in mismatched sets.  I have never figured out what is so difficult about finding the shirt and pants that have coordinating prints!

Here are some snapshots of the kids opening up their valentines.


In the bottom left hand corner you can just catch a glimpse of Bella’s pajamas, they are bright and colorful.  Trying to get us out of the drab cold depressing winter blues!


Oliver put his pajamas on right away.  His fireman hat was actually bought really cheap after Halloween a couple years ago.  He has really been into fighting fires recently, and trying to put them out with pretend water.   Not too mention playing with the many different fire trucks he has.  So his fireman hat and pajamas were a fitting choice.


That was our valentine’s day/weekend.  Pretty relaxed and mostly spent indoors at home.

Thank you to my family….I love you all!!

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