Monday, February 25, 2013

Pinterest Challenge–Week 1

Here is the inspiration photo I found.

repurpose sweater

I had this cardigan I bought a couple years ago.  I never wore it.  It didn’t have the greatest fit and something about the flower on the front, never really went with anything.


And here it is after.


Let’s get one more close up so you can see the print.


I wanted a “sweatshirt” feel to the cut.  As you can tell, I actually switched the front and the back of the original sweater.  I like having the button details on the back, and that way I was able to reuse the neck and bottom banding of the original sweater without having a seam in the front.

But since the original front of the sweater had a lower neckline, I added a piece of fabric to the back as well.

It’s super comfortable and definitely a step up from the plain boring gray cardigan.

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