Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not everything turns out the way you want it to

Have you seen all the new ads for Sharpie Markers and how you can draw on anything?  Not to mention all the pictures on the internet showing projects made with Sharpies.

So I went out and bought a package of pretty colored sharpie markers..ready to try my hand at a new colorful project.

The original piece looked like this.  An old globe inspired container I think I purchased 10 years ago.


I spray painted it white and then began my crazy diagonal pattern using the markers.


It just wasn’t working very well.  The markers weren’t doing a good job covering over the white, and the white paint was coming off onto the markers.

I gave it another couple of days and then attempted again.  Here is the final product.


I think it’s an improvement over the old globe design.  But it’s not quite the look I was hoping for.

I’ll live with it for now and at some point I will probably paint over it again and try something else.

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