Wednesday, February 20, 2013

6 Week Pinterest Challenge

Nothing like starting this new blog off with a big lofty goal.

I found a blog that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Merrick's Art  We seem to have very similar tastes and as I read back into her blog posts, we seem to have some similar characteristics too.  But before I sound too much like a stalker...I'm not.  I did decide I would link up to their Pinterest Challenge....because it's something I need to do anyways.  Tackle some of my inspiration pieces.

So here they are:

In no particular order....
1.  A DIY ledge for holding pictures in my office.
2.  Oliver loves monkeys, so why not create a pair of pants for him.  Mine will be made with knit fabric I already have on hand.
3.  Painting on a dress.  This one might be a fail...I guess we will wait and see.
4.  Updating an old sweater by adding a print fabric.
5.  Spray painting a globe to give it a more modern/metallic feel.
6.  Repurposing an old sweatshirt into something more fitting and stylish.

Now let's see if I can actually finish something I start!


  1. Ooh, I have that painted dress pinned too, and I *almost* decided to do that one for the challenge. Can't wait to see yours, but no pressure or anything...

    1. Painted dress is not going so well, stay tuned for my post next week to see the finished product...if I dare to show it!

  2. That globe is beautiful! Can`t wait to see how it turns out!