Friday, April 22, 2016


When you are in the midst of life and enjoying every second of it, it's hard to step away from all that enjoyment and blog about it.  Instead you tend to bask in all the gloriousness that is your life.

Ummm that sounds like a load of you know what.  And it is.  I have not been blogging lately as you are all aware.  Life is messy and stressful and the sickness this year.....just too much.

Yesterday I sat in my living room looking outside and contemplated going outside "streaking through the neighborhood screaming like the crazy person I feel I am right now".  And then wondering if I would get arrested and then actually be able to get the rest I need as someone else is forced to take care of my kids.  Probably not the greatest idea and of course I didn't do it, I am an introvert at heart.

I do find myself contemplating the direction of my life.  A lot.  I'm sure I have brought all these things up before too.  And for all the time I think about it, the main problem is, I don't actually do anything different.

I have so many different things that I find interesting.  I've always enjoyed cooking, decorating, renovating, fashion, etc.  Over the past few years I have been watching lots of documentaries that are showing me how we as a society are going down the wrong path on so many of these things (food, fashion, over stressed families, parenting, taking care of our resources, etc).

And the bottom line is, I want to be a better person.  And some of the stuff I've learned, I want to share.

So that's where I am.

And here are Oliver and Gray, enjoying the outdoors.

We started up our garden again this year.

I don't have any good pictures of Bella right now, as Bella has been having a really off winter.  Pretty much all pictures of her involve her crying, it's been rough.

But we still try our best to include her in everything.

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