Monday, March 23, 2015

Gray at 5 Months

Gray will be 6 months in a week, so I thought I better get around to posting the pictures I took when she was 5 months.



Someone else thought he needed to sit in his chair and get his picture taken.  He choose a tongue sticking out pose.  Not to mention a terrible dirty t-shirt.


I actually sewed something last week.  It was a new pair of pants for Oliver.  I haven’t gotten a picture of them yet, and with the great turn of weather we might be quickly working on shorts.  Everything has to have pockets now days.

We have also started painting and slowly attempting projects around here again.

Of course the night we decide to be productive and paint until midnight, we have a wakeup call from the kids at 3:45am.  Pretty much how life goes right now.


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