Friday, February 6, 2015

Gray at 4 months

Height – 26” (95%)

Weight – 16lb 12oz (95%)


This little girl is talking and laughing.  She is a super smiley baby.  Our biggest problem is that life is so hectic we don’t have a great routine going on during the day.  So the poor girl is having a hard time with napping.  I’m hopeful that we will be starting solids any day now (got the ok from the doctor), and that she will be able to condense her naps and we might finally get into a schedule.  As far as nighttime, she has been doing great!


She is now starting to hold her head up pretty well while on her tummy.  But with her laid back/content personality, I don’t think she has much interest in moving.  Not too mention, anytime she is doing anything, her pester of a brother is trying to hold her hand.


Chunky cheeks definitely run in the family!!

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