Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gray at 2 months

Height – 23.25” (85%)

Weight – 12lb 10oz (90%)


We all got our new Christmas pajamas last week and the kids have been enjoying wearing them.  Or at least Oliver is wearing them every night and does not want to take them off.

This next scene shows what happens around here on a daily basis.

I take Gray to get her picture taken.  Oliver not wanting to miss the action comes and finds us.  He has to be both in the picture and more importantly next to Gray.  Notice Gray intently watching to see what he is going to do.


Oliver immediately has to grab her hand and then he grinds his teeth while rubbing her hand.  No idea why, but that is what he does constantly.  Gray just tolerates him.  I’m sure payback will be coming in due time!


Gray has been smiling for a few weeks now and since right before Thanksgiving she has started to coo and talk.  She is currently sleeping about 8 hours at night, which is good and lets us have a little bit of normalcy around here.  Although taking care of all 3 kids is quite a lot of work.  There has been a couple times we wonder what we were thinking.  But in all honestly we are blessed and Gray has fit into our family perfectly.  Most times Gray is not giving us the hard time, it’s our overactive 3 year old. 

Oliver being Chester Cheetah (we did not have Cheetos in our home, so no idea where he came up with that).


But that trouble of a three year old is having a great time with Christmas this year.

Loves the Christmas aisles in the stores.


Going to see the Christmas trains.


And of course going to see Santa Claus


Gray and Oliver are twins…size wise.  Gray is outgrowing the clothes we had from Bella very quickly.  At two months she is fitting into 6 month clothes perfectly.  The outfit Bella has on for her 2 month picture, Gray outgrew at 2 weeks old.


In case I’m not back on until after Christmas….we hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas!!

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