Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gray at 1 month

This little girl is a chunk.  She is actually similar to Oliver as a baby, except now he is so tall and skinny it’s hard to remember.
Height – 21.5 inches (75%)
Weight – 10 lb 3 oz (75%)
She has already been smiling at us for a couple of weeks, which always makes all the time worth it.
So three kids.  It’s a lot of work.  I’m not really sure how our family compares to other families with three kids, but I do have a story to explain just what my days can be like.
I’ll set it up.  It’s Halloween, a very busy day.  Oliver, Gray and I have just gotten back from visiting Bella at school for her costume parade and Halloween party.  Bella was not having a good day and was very fussy.  I thought about bringing her home with me as we left school.  But that meant loading her wheelchair into the car and getting all three kids in, and then unloading everything when we got home.  I decided that just getting the two younger ones home and having Bella ride the bus would be easier.
This puts us home a little after 3 pm.  Now I have a very hungry newborn, and not enough time to feed her before the bus arrives.  I go ahead and decide I will do a partial feeding.  Now Oliver knows when I am feeding Gray, he can get away with a little bit more because it will take a lot for me to stop feeding her to discipline him.  He’s smart enough to use this against me almost every day.
So as I’m feeding Gray he is off in another room.  I’m pretty sure he is up to no good.  I finish up Gray’s partial feeding just in time to watch for the bus, and locate the mischievous Oliver.  Just as I see the bus pull up, Oliver is waking towards me telling me he has pooped his pants.  And it’s a huge mess.  I have to leave him in the bathroom with instructions to stay put, because I have to get out to the bus to collect Bella.  I also have a newborn in my arms who is fussing because she hasn’t gotten her fill of food.  Oh and it’s cold outside.
Of course we get back inside and I have to make some decisions.  I have a fussing 7 year old who basically wants out of her wheelchair and to lay down and fall asleep, she needs me to make all this happen.  I have a fussing newborn who wants to finish eating.  And I have a somewhat crying 3 year old who has made a huge mess in his pants and in the bathroom.
That pretty much sums up my time with three kids.  Feeling outnumbered and always needed.
In case you are curious #1 cleaning up my poopy son, #2 getting Bella out of her school stuff and onto the floor, #3 finish feeding Gray.

I did not get the greatest one month pictures of Gray.  On my first attempt she peed and pooped all over the outfit she was going to wear as I tried to change her diaper.  So instead of pictures we took a bath.
This was our second attempt and she did not want to take pictures…she wanted to eat.
So let’s compare.

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  1. Oh my look at your cuties! Those side-by-sides are so fun! Seems like Oliver is a little Daddy and the girls are little versions of Mom! Maybe?