Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What’s Original?

We are slowly starting to demolish our Master Bathroom.  We found some original wallpaper tucked behind the shower.


I really kind of wish the previous owners had left the bathroom in it’s original form, a totally groovy olive green 70’s bathroom (I’m guessing from the wallpaper and the fact the house was built in 77).  Would have been kind of fun to see it, and then we probably would have gotten around to remodeling it a lot sooner than 5 years down the road.  We are really trying to guess what they changed around to get the layout we currently have.  Since there is wallpaper behind the shower, you would assume the shower was new.

The bathtub looks brand new, plus it’s white (not green or some other color you might except from the 70’s).  So we are thinking they might have replaced the tub also.

We also noticed there are two layers of drywall on the ceiling.  Really wondering why they put a second layer of drywall up?

We believe the vanity is original to the house.  It was originally dark solid wood and they painted it.  The vanity light was obviously a replacement.  There is a large circular hole in the ceiling where the original light fixture was located.  Because of the size of the hole we are guessing it was a can light.  The new fixture they put up not only belongs on a wall not a ceiling, but it does not fully cover the hole in the ceiling.


I’m busy picking out all my furniture and finishes for the bathroom.  At this point I’m really struggling to get what I want but keep it budget friendly.  I’m also running out of time, so decisions are going to have to be made!

But it’s already starting to look a little larger in there by removing some of the walls.  Of course now the toilet is visible.  We will be putting a closet back which will block the toilet again. 


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