Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It’s All About Costumes

Every year I get to this point, just a day or two before Halloween and ask myself…what was I thinking.  I am still in the midst of making costumes.  Mostly due to the fact my husband had a last minute change and I am now making him a costume as well…on the final day.  It’s not his fault though, I told him I would do it.

So here is a sneak peak.

My dress was done weeks ago…you have already seen it.  The accessories are all store bought…so I am done.


Bella’s costume was also store bought, an after Halloween deal.  Except her main part is all custom made and still being worked on.


Oliver was given a couple of choices for his costume.  I think he managed to pick the character that has the most pieces to make.  7 pieces to be exact, all handmade.  Here is just one of the pieces.


My husband’s costume is going to come out of this pile…I better get working, he has one piece that was store bought but needs adjustment and 4 pieces that are handmade.


We are all one theme….any ideas?

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