Monday, October 14, 2013

Graphic Print Kimono

I finished up my version of a kimono.


After seeing my inspiration of kimono’s I found this great graphic print for only $3/yd.  I picked up a couple yards and dug around in some patterns that I owned to find one I could modify.  The inspiration picture I was trying to imitate was this one.


I found this pattern in my stash and figured it would give me a jacket form to start from.


I used view E.  When cutting out the pattern I meant to lengthen the jacket and take out the curve.  I didn’t quite make it long enough, so I added a band on the bottom.


I also didn’t quite cut enough to get out the curve of the jacket.  It works fine, but I just wish I had a couple inches more in the circumference around my waist.


By the way, I actually didn’t mean to have my head cut off in these photos.  I was trying out a new lens on my camera and apparently it has a great zoom.  So I couldn’t get in range to get my whole body into the photo.  And then it was starting to rain, so I didn’t have time to run upstairs and get my regular lens.  So in the end, you get my half kneeling to get one final picture in.


We have a family bowling outing tonight.  I just might be rockin my silk kimono jacket for the event, the graphic print goes with bowling shoes…right?!


  1. it totally goes for bowling... all the other moms will be jealous! :) great job.
    Kristi - kopy kat

  2. What a fun piece to throw on over a basic outfit!

  3. That's a really beautiful jacket.

  4. I just featured you on my blog:

  5. I totally love that jacket!!! So cute. The modifications you made to that pattern are great!