Friday, April 10, 2015

Gray at 6 Months

Our sweet little baby is getting big.  Well she was always big, but she seems to be getting older.

Weight = 18lb14oz (92%)

Height = 27 3/4” (98%)

She just had her two bottom teeth pop through.  They are barely through, so you can see them in a picture yet.  Teething wasn’t easy for her, so our schedule has been off for the past couple of weeks.

She is easily rolling from her back to her stomach.  then she will play for awhile, and then cry.  She still refuses to roll back onto her back, even though we keep showing her how.  She is getting pretty stable with her sitting, and can sit unassisted for minutes on end.  But when she decides she is done sitting, there is no gentle getting down for her, she just falls over, and then gets upset.


She doesn’t seem to have any desire to move right now.  Sometimes she will kick her legs while she is on her tummy, but her little tummy seems to high center her.

She still scratches at her forehead all the time (usually when she is taking a bottle or going to sleep), so we are constantly battling that.  Hence the shiny forehead photos from a good dose of Aquaphor.


Throughout this teething process she has been a little more needy, so I’m curious to see if her disposition goes back to being happy and content soon.


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