Friday, May 9, 2014

What’s Really Going On

This post has been a long time coming at least for me to explain what has really been going on around here for the last few months.


This is a picture from our vacation, showing Oliver goofing off on our boat excursion.  It also shows my ever growing belly.

I’m pregnant.

I’m about halfway through the pregnancy at this point.  And it has been a difficult pregnancy.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the third one and I’m busy taking care of the first two.  Or it’s because let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger.   Or if it’s just the luck of the draw on this one.  I struggle to get anything done, and by anything I mean getting up in the morning, taking a shower and brushing my teeth is a battle.  Let alone getting the kids ready for school, cleaning up the kitchen, doing the many loads of laundry, working, helping with the house remodel, doing bills…..which are all falling behind and suffering as I just try to survive each day.

So that pretty much sums up the lack of activity here on this blog. 

But I also dread getting dressed every morning because my maternity clothes are 7 years old and I hate all of them.  So I will be needing to figure something out and quickly so that I actually have something to wear.  Which might mean I actually sew something for myself.

Also my daughters legs are growing longer, but her waist is still super tiny.  This means the shorts that fit her around the waist, are well, a little short.  Kind of worried the school is going to tell me she is inappropriately dressed in her short shorts!  So I might have to make something for her in the near future.

And all that only happens if I can manage to make it past getting the kids off to school and actually having the energy to get anything done.

Oh and also thanks to my husband for putting up with everything right now.  I know it’s hard to understand when you are not going through it all yourself, and instead get to look at the huge mess around us, and the fact that I go to bed around 8pm every night.

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